a chicken coop addition

No, we didn’t get a new hen to replace our rooster! Really this is something that just never got finished in our hurry to move the chickens outside this summer. Adding the nest boxes to our coop now seems to have worked out perfectly. Since Lenora started laying eggs last week, I threw the never-finished nest boxes together and installed them.

Fittingly, Leonora was the first to wander in to take a look.

Ramona came to see what all the fuss was about.

Lenora squawked her approval.

And starting the very next day she began leaving her daily deposits in the new boxes. Once Lenora started laying, she skipped the second day and has delivered an egg a day since. Nobody else has joined her yet! We have been trying to guess who will start next, but your guess is as good as mine.

Above are the nest boxes as seen from outside. You can easily reach into either one to grab eggs. We are still in love with our homemade Garden Coop. (Here’s the post with full-length shots from when we first introduced it.)

Our flock at five months (L-R): Lenora, Hatchet-Face, Pepper, and Ramona (White Leghorn, Easter Egger, Barred Plymouth Rock, and Speckled Sussex)

Jess cuddles Hatchet-Face

I do my best Hatchet-Face impersonation

Five months in we have been marveling at how much joy these chickens bring to our lives. The best decision we made was to place the coop in the corner of our yard that is visible from our bedroom window. Chicken TV hasn’t stopped being amusing. I honestly wasn’t sure if the charm would wear off once the cute fluffy chick phase passed and there were chores to be done. We all take turns taking care of them, and honestly the only chore that is a pain is changing out the water as it frequently gets pooped in. And as you can imagine, I have a plan to remedy that situation ASAP.



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4 responses to “a chicken coop addition

  1. YAY! chickens!!! Just this morning I was fantasizing about having a Polish hen. Or two. ( along with some more reliable layers so I wouldn’t get frustrated with them)
    Your girls are so beautiful!

  2. You guys crack me up. Your blog is one of my favorites because you’re always doing interesting things have have a super kickass chicken coop. I want one too!

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