what to do with all that squash

Goodbye tomatoes. Hello squash!

Somehow our plant only produced one of these gorgeous sweet meat squashes. So what in the world should we make with it?

Confession: neither of us liked squash as kids. The older I get, the more I like squash. These days there are a handful of squash varieties I absolutely love. I suspect that list is going to grow. So now that we have squash on the brain, how about a little SQUASH LINK LIST:


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9 responses to “what to do with all that squash

  1. ann hazelett

    i read on a blog that you could can squash by canning it in chunks in a pressure canner .is this true?

    • misterkrista

      I read the same thing. Food in Jars posted some good links in this post.

      We didn’t grow enough squash this year to have major storage issues. I suspect we are going to need a root cellar someday, though.

  2. Love that photo of the squash!

  3. the last link you posted was hilarious. Thank you!
    Oh, and if you like squash check out Amy Goldman’s book the Compleat Squash – sumptious photos, a bit OTT, but very comprehensive. A real coffee table book if ever there was :)

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