tomato rosemary quiche

One of my all-time favorite coffee shop breakfasts is a mini tomato rosemary quiche made by a local bakery. Someday I hope to master my own slightly healthier version. We are still working through our tomatoes, so I decided to give this master crustless quiche recipe a try.

Of course I went and added crust to the crustless quiche recipe. Isn’t a crustless quiche a frittata? I like both of those dinner options, but we had an extra cream cheese pastry dough made with whole wheat pastry flour waiting in the freezer.

For fillings, I used a cup of aged white cheddar, 2 teaspoons of chopped fresh rosemary, and 4 small tomatoes, sliced and left sitting on paper towels to absorb excess liquid while I prepared the other ingredients.

This dinner was a hit with the whole family. Now that we are starting to get eggs, it’s time for y’all to tell us your favorite egg recipes!


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  1. Oh, there are so many egg recipes I like. I particularly like egg-y yeast breads like challah and kugelhopf and I make the full run of egg desserts from baked custard through bread pudding. For savory eggs, one of my favorites is a quiche with olives, red bell pepper and feta by Ginny Callan of Horn of the Moon (it’s in her second book).

  2. One tomato recipe I love:

    And an egg recipe I make all the time:

    That latter one is perfect if you’re having people over and don’t have time to grocery shop and just want to get something comforting and delicious on the table. I’ve scaled it up and made it in huge sheet pans for 30. It’s awesome every time. (I add more garlic.)

  3. Delicious, this looks simply incredible. I’m very impressed. Lovely dough idea too! I shall check out the recipe.

  4. I love quiche! My mom use to make it for dinner when I was small. The most recent egg recipe I’ve made and turned out to be a family hit, was called Strata (sp?). An egg custard mixture poured over cubes of sour dough bread, spinach, mozzarella, and sausage. A confit of tomatoes and thyme were the garnish… baked…delicious! Thanks for sharing… !

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