bye-bye, Cry-Baby

Our Craigslist luck turned and three people wanted our rooster this week, so we said our goodbyes Saturday morning.

We are going to miss this handsome guy.

As much as we will to miss him, we have enough mouths to feed that are just around for good looks and cuddles. Their names are Levi Cash, Clementine, Elsa, and Jimmy Rabies.

Cry-Baby gets to go live on a 10-acre horse farm with a harem of new hens, the lucky bastard.

Our movie-themed flock is now missing its title character. We’re already talking about a Buff Orpington in our next round of baby chicks (in 2-3 years*). We can name her Cry-Baby Jr., or better yet: Lady Cry-Baby. Maybe we won’t push our luck again with gender-bending names. Oh, who am I kidding? We probably will.

What a relief that after all that fretting, everything worked out just fine in the end. We had some back-up plans like making adorable fliers to post at the local feed stores and co-ops if Craigslist didn’t pan out, but it never came to that. And thankfully Cry-Baby’s crowing never got so loud that we were worried about the neighbors hating us.

*Speaking of spacing out your flock when you don’t eat your hens after they stop laying, here’s some thoughts from the Root Simple folks.

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