Artist’s Conk

While we were out collecting chanterelles for our pizza the other day, we found several pieces of artist’s conk. This wood-like fungi is so cool looking, and it makes a crackly-crunch when you break it off a tree stump. And then you can take a twig and draw on the light side. Just a light touch and it leaves dark brown lines that are permanent.

We named him Admiral Mushroom.

Or maybe Professor Mushroom. Cap’n Conk?

We are easily amused, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t a bad thing.


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4 responses to “Artist’s Conk

  1. I must be easily amused, too — what a wonderful way to enjoy life! I had never heard of artist’s conk. — Sharyn

  2. I had no idea that this existed. Also, those etchings are really f’n cute!

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