Mr. Rooster

This weekend we finally got a response to a Craigslist ad for a certain rooster.

this guy

So we took turns getting all emo and then prepared to say goodbye.

Jess kissed Cry-Baby.

Cry-Baby kissed Jess.

And then as Craigslist people are wont to do, they FLAKED. So, we still have a rooster. Know anybody who needs a really charming & handsome rooster? He is still really ineffective at crowing, so I’m holding out hope we just got a quiet rooster and maybe he can stick around. We are awfully fond of him.


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9 responses to “Mr. Rooster

  1. What great photos! Just made me smile. Thank you!

  2. Love the picture of him kissing Jess. Very cute!

  3. Lokyra Stone

    That’s an awesome rooster. If I lived anywhere near you, I would take him.
    Especially since we just found out the sellers of 40 acres of gorgeously wooded property accepted our offer!!

    • misterkrista

      40 acres! Wow. That sounds amazing.

      He is an awesome rooster. We are gonna be sad to see him go.

      • Lokyra Stone

        It is amazing. We were forced to put down or find places for nearly all our animals, because our quasi-residential area decided to start enforcing ordinances. Mainly because of one person with too much time on her hands and way too much negativity.
        Now we’ll never have to worry about that again.
        Plus, I’ll finally get a horsey again.
        Why are you getting rid of him, exactly? The crowing issue?

        • misterkrista

          Legally we are allowed to keep him, because we live in a tiny block of land that never became a part of the city. But we live on a fifth of an acre, so our neighbors are very close by. We just don’t want to upset anyone with a loud rooster.

          I have been hearing a lot of stories about people trying to enforce ordinances about animals and gardens and I just don’t get why they are like that. There has to be something better to be upset about than a garden.

          • Lokyra Stone

            That’s very considerate of you. Our neighbors (excepting the one who called us in) all were sad when we got rid of our crowing rooster. Most of them grew up on farms, so they enjoyed his crowing.

            It appears that the more people have to struggle and figure out new/old ways to survive, the more other people will try to make life even harder for them.

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