And I will eat them in the rain

And in the dark.
And in a tart.

Of course I’m not talking about green eggs and ham. I’m talking about the tomatoes that won’t quit. Before we get to the tart, a few memorable tomatoes.

the tomato monster

jaune flamme and chocolate cherry tomatoes, both delicious beyond words

most of the tomatoes we grew are average sized and then there’s this guy

for scale

And now for the tart.

The recipe is this French Tomato Tart from David Lebovitz‘s blog. Except instead of the tart dough in that recipe, I made a whole wheat cream cheese pastry dough. I’ve been dying to try this. I gave it a whirl with whole wheat pastry flour in this cream cheese pastry dough recipe. This turned out better than I expected, even using lighter neufchâtel for cream cheese. The pastry was so good I saved the scraps and made us a homemade Pop Tart with some of our preserves for dessert.

note from Jess: I worked an insanely long day the day this tart happened. I came home to find this delicate morsel waiting for me. It was unspeakably good. I can’t even talk about it, except to say that you should Definitely make this recipe.



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9 responses to “And I will eat them in the rain

  1. This sounds fabulous. Did you use the honey like Lebovitz did?
    For another pastry option — less rich, but both flaky and tender, check out the pie crust recipe on Kale Chronicles’ Gravenstein Apple Pie — you can make it with whole wheat pastry flour, but you need to use shortening rather than all butter and cream cheese to get the right texture.

    • misterkrista

      Yes, I did use the honey and it was great. The only thing I would change was I used thick slices of tomato and between that, the honey, and the olive oil I ended up with too much liquid in the bottom of the tart.

  2. B-E-A-utiful tomatoes! Nature’s finest psyched up ideas. I adore chocolate tomatoes and love the biggies too. I’m plain jelous! ;-)

    Oh… and… by the way: that tomato pie looks absolutely fab! :-D

  3. I just made this with homemade pie crust, a monster organic tomato, chives and basil from the garden and some lemon Stilton we wanted to use up crumbled over the top. We liked it so much we ate half of it at once. Thanks for the link to Lebovitz!

  4. Your post has inspired me to try this recipe again. We also have a case of the never ending tomatoes and this recipe looked like a really interesting variation on the usual.. but I ended up with a lot of liquid at the bottom, and a soggy crust! Also, I got a bit wimpy and left out the honey.

    With a vote of confidence though, I’m going to try again. I love the combination of mustard, tomato and thyme – and tarts are, you know, awesome.

    • misterkrista

      See, I thought I cut my tomatoes too thick because there was a little liquid. But I cut my tomatoes really thick to use up a lot and I had to estimate how many little ones made what the recipe called for in larger tomatoes. It didn’t get soggy, though and was delicious!

  5. Still trying to contact you about posting a variation of your and Lebovitz’s recipe on “The Kale Chronicles” ASAP. Did you get my earlier note? I don’t see it here in the comments, which is where I made it since I have no other way to contact you. — Sharyn

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