watermelon chips: preserving the taste of summer

We finally got a dehydrator. It goes without saying that we love our new dehydrator. Exhibit A: dehydrated watermelon.

It’s as simple as thinly slicing watermelon (1/4″) and lining the trays of your dehydrator with them. It took about 36-48 hours on the fruit setting (135 degrees) to get them nice and crispy. They taste like watermelon, but different. They taste like crunchy, sweet summer.

My hope is that we can make these last until, say, February when we are dying for spring to begin and dreaming about summer.

Levi decided to experiment with re-hydrating the dehydrated watermelon. The result? Okay, that was kind of gross.



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14 responses to “watermelon chips: preserving the taste of summer

  1. I was going to try this this year, but didn’t. Watermelons are gone now, but next year for sure — it looks great! — Sharyn

  2. TechieChef

    Watermelon chips???? I never know we can make watermelon chips.. Amazing, i have to try…

    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. F.

    Interesting! What else do you use your dehydrator for?

    • misterkrista

      So far nectarines and Jess is doing a project with calendula to make a salve. I’m sure we’ll be doing a lot of apple chips soon.

  4. I need a dehydrator! Sweet looking :)

  5. oh man! i have thought about this before, but thought they’d suck. they look wonderful!! and i finally found your blog. yay for me.

    • misterkrista

      Hi Kittee! I’m terrible about linking to the blog from flickr, so I can see why you wouldn’t have found it!

      Fresh watermelon is so incredible I was worried it would be a waste, but it is pretty delicious dehydrated. One of our books has all these recipes for watermelon jelly and even watermelon rind pickles (!!!) that I wanted to make but I will have to get to those next year.

  6. ellen

    if caleb knew there were watermelon chips in the world, he might explode with ecstasy.

  7. I thought about re-hydrating watermelon chips. Did they turn out slimy? I also thought about blending them in a coffee grinder and making an ice cream topping with it. Hmmm, I wonder how that would taste?

    • misterkrista

      Apparently it did just get slimy and didn’t really rehydrate. Gross!

      If you do that ice cream topping thing please report back.

  8. Homemade watermelon chips are way too good! I’ve been drying them, eating them and giving samples to friends. I’ve got to pick up the pace if I want to have any taste of summer stored away to eat this winter.

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