carrot-nectarine smoothie

This is the week I discovered that a whole, perfectly ripe nectarine is a revelation in a smoothie. I’m also on a carrot juice bender, so this smoothie was inevitable.

Even the chickens are getting to enjoy all the carrot juice we have been drinking by gobbling up the leftover carrot pulp.

carrot-nectarine smoothie

per person:

one frozen banana, chopped
one ripe nectarine, halved and pitted, skins on
3/4 cup carrot juice
thin slices of peeled ginger, to taste

Blend until smooth.

If you are juicing carrots at home, you can juice the ginger with the carrots. Either way, just use a hint of ginger so it doesn’t overpower the nectarine and carrot flavors.


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6 responses to “carrot-nectarine smoothie

  1. Ooh, this sounds great — sans the banana (not seasonal). But I don’t have a juicer. Oh well.

    • misterkrista

      If you can get your hands on some carrot juice, you could probably try yogurt instead of banana. I usually do a combination of fresh and frozen to get a good consistency, though. I’ve been thinking about making carrot juice ice cubes.

    • We freeze loads of bananas for smoothie making in the off seasons, although bananas are never local to where we eat. But freezing could help you eat them out of season.

      This reminds me that we really need a chest freezer.

  2. I love carrot juice — I just haven’t been able to justify getting a juicer (another one-purpose appliance). I would love to have a cider press, too, but, once again, a one-purpose item. It’s a pity that no one has figured out a home-way to juice carrots because we get plenty of them in season. Now, if I could share a juicer with a bunch of other people, or even my sister-in-law, that would help.

    My Mom is allergic to bananas, so we just don’t buy them — and we feel virtuous because we are not eating food brought here from Hawaii or Mexico (or, I feel virtuous — I’m not sure Mom cares). In smoothies, I substitute berries, yogurt, as you said, or just crushed ice. That said, I want to try your smoothie, so I might have to break down and buy some carrot juice before nectarines disappear: there are two on the counter as I type this….

  3. Can’t say I would have thought of that.

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