chocolate-dipped ground cherries

We’ve been waiting all summer for this.

It seemed to take forever for our ground cherries to ripen.

We grow Aunt Molly’s ground cherries every year now. They are not cherries, but a tomato in a papery husk like a tomatillo. They have a high pectin count and delightfully sweet pineapple-vanilla flavor with just a hint of tomato. Aunt Molly’s ground cherries are part of the Ark of Taste, a list of foods in danger of extinction. Makes it a little sweeter to grow them in your yard.

The husks make a perfect little handle for you to dip them in chocolate and then pop them in your mouth. These were dipped in dark chocolate so as not to overpower the perfect sweetness of the fruit.

Now if only we can get enough more to ripen for a batch of jam. We crave these things all year!

Jess previously wrote about ground cherries here, including tips on how to easily save seeds.

We got our original seeds from Uprising Seeds.


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5 responses to “chocolate-dipped ground cherries

  1. Hillary

    Yum. We tried to grow these one year, but they never really took off. Maybe next year!

    • misterkrista

      Our first year we had pretty much given up on them. They took forever to sprout. Then we realized they like heat and now we start the seeds on a heat mat with much better success.

  2. Ray

    These are beautiful and look just delicious. Thanks for the visuals!

  3. I’m so jealous of your ground cherries! We had some as part of a fancy meal when we were in Colombia last year. There they are called uchuvas and were basically the most delicious fruit that could have been integrated into the dish. I wish I remembered more of the details of the dish–I think it involved a cheese pairing–but the fruit and its interesting flavor was what stood out.

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