summer school?

It feels only a tiny bit more September-y now that the first day of school has arrived. Normally this week I’d be getting amped up for corn mazes, pumpkin patches, apple fritters, and the traditional first pumpkin spice latte of the season. We’re having some sort of rare, record breaking stretch of hot September weather here in the Pacific Northwest and it kind of rules. Hey, I don’t have to go to school!

This guy does, however – number 2 pencils and all. Sophomore year, we are ready to kick your ass.

Levi says he hasn’t felt this exhausted in awhile. Not surprising. He has been staying up until 3 or 4 all summer. We did enforce a bedtime this week, but this will be a rough adjustment. As a shift worker who flip-flops from nights to days every 8 weeks, I am an expert. Maybe it will start to feel like fall when I switch back to day shift in a week or so.

Let’s do a roll call on the boys around here while we still have four. In addition to the teenager, we’ve got:

expert chicken guard

Mr. Jimmy Rabies
window sill lounger

Cry-Baby Walker
not nearly as mean as he looks

Still no crowing. I don’t know if the day it happens we will suddenly be desperate to find him a new home. We have at least one interested future rooster owner, so we won’t panic. Yet.


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6 responses to “summer school?

  1. ellen

    how did levi like the first day?

    i love the boy-roll-call. (role call?)

    also i think i would have such a hard time switching schedules back and forth like that. does everyone do that? why don’t they have designated night people and day people?

    • misterkrista

      OMG, where was my blog editor when I misspelled that shit? Oh yeah, she was too busy at work.

      Levi had a good first day. He seemed to like a lot of his classes. He thought robotics was too easy (apparently they are going to build robots out of plastic parts made by Lego?), but we convinced him he will need an easier class with all the AP and honors classes. He came home with his ID card today and I think we are getting super cute school photos based on the tiny one on the card. Woohoo!

      And almost everyone has to switch every 8 weeks. You are partnered up with someone on a seniority shift bid, so if you can get in with someone who wants the opposite of you AND you’ve been there more than 4 years you can do a permanent trade and only take the days or nights. As you can imagine, that ain’t easy at my level of seniority. In fact, I hit 4 years next month.

      • ellen

        i wasn’t accusing you of misspelling! i was actually questioning which one was correct as i was writing it so decided to write both, and then i also kinda felt like “roll” is correct but in the context “role” takes on a dual meaning or something. like, gender roles. but isn’t it correct as you wrote it, “roll call”? to see if everyone on the roll is present? wth is a roll anyway?

        ok yes you were right:

        aaaanyway. yay for good photos and yes definitely it’s good to have an easier class to make up for the hard ones.

        that 8 weeks stuff sounds tough. that is physically and psychologically hard on a person!!! (uh, yeah, you probably don’t need me to tell you that.) it is cool that you get to be well versed in both types of call though.

        • ellen

          um there was supposed to be a link there.

          apparently i can’t use the little greater than less than signs in the comments here.

          • misterkrista

            OMG, so wait I did spell it correctly? Haha. I knew you weren’t being a jerk, I was just like wait, I spelled that wrong didn’t I? Nice.

            The switching back and forth ain’t too bad. I prefer day shift for the sake of being home at the same time as the fam, but night shift is often more fun and exciting. I’ve had a much more severe schedule than the one I’m on now (9am-7pm and then 7pm to 5am).

    • misterkrista

      Oh, and I think the reasoning is work is totally different at night vs. at day. During the day we mostly have business line calls. At night the crazy stuff goes down. They want us all to be cross-trained and able to handle everything.

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