What we did for Labor Day weekend

Well, besides going to work.

We tackled 30 pounds of tomatoes. The canning is only picking up momentum around here. And who can blame us when you can get organic tomato “seconds” grown on a nearby farm and picked the same day for $1.50/lb? The farmer even met us at the co-op for the exchange.

We experimented with some different peppers in the salsa we put up. This, of course, only inspires us try homemade hot sauce next.

apple peppers!

And while we’re trying out peppers named after other produce, how cute are those Bulgarian carrot peppers? Added to the growing list of “things to grow next year.”



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6 responses to “What we did for Labor Day weekend

  1. I have never seen apple peppers – but Gawd do I like the concept – gimme more! :-D The weirder the better!

  2. Those Bulgarian carrot peppers are beautiful — how do they taste and where do they grow? (Besides Bulgaria)

    • They are a hot pepper. I think they have a good flavor, but they are not really special in that regard, just a pretty pepper. They’re a dwarf plant (2-3 feet) and short-seasoned, like 85 days to maturity, so best as hot climates swing between seasons, or in cold, rainy places that have trouble with hot peppers (ie. the Pacific Northwest). We discussed growing them next year but … I’m undecided.

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