Tonight we will dine on chanterelle pizza thanks to my little family of foragers. Our friend Anna has been sharing her mushrooming spots around town. Don’t worry moms, they take a field guide.

Even Levi, the notorious mushroom hater, has been getting in on the hunt. This child has disliked mushrooms since he was tiny. Back in the day, he would actually vomit if he tried them. I think our adventurous eater is now slowly starting to try a mushroom here and there.

I hope to join in on the fun next time. While you do have to be very careful with fungi, I am inspired lately to become more of a forager. Why pay $5 for a tiny container of blackberries or $15 a pound for chanterelles when these grow wild right around us? Conversations about foraging lately have caused me to take notice of the fear of food that doesn’t come wrapped in plastic in neat little rows at the grocery store. Thankfully this only inspires me to get more in touch with where my food comes from.

Now I just have to learn how to clean and cook these behemoths. I am ashamed to admit that the last time Jess brought home a lobster mushroom we let it go bad. And boy was that ever gross (not to mention baffling) to have our vegetarian fridge smell like rotting fish. Lobster mushroom recipe suggestions welcome, people!


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9 responses to “forage

  1. I love to forage. Mostly I gather apples and wild blackberries. There are fewer spots for blackberries around Berkeley than there used to be, but a lot of people have apple trees and don’t pick their fruit: when they fall into the street they are fair game — otherwise people in cars just run over them.

    • Indeed. Most of fruit trees owners in Germany somehow do not collect fruits (what I find a bit odd) and I see lots of fallen apples (cherries, plumps, etc.) in the gardens as well as on the streets (unfortunately, on streets they are pressed and cannot be used). Even in the national parks they have fruit trees rather for decoration. When we have attempted to collect some plumps we’ve got some argument from old pensioner who was walking by that it’s forbidden and we should not collect them for our benefit… so, people somehow do not like when you collect wild things from publicly available places… odd.. now we try to collect edibles when nobody sees us (so, we get up early and try to find hidden places)…

    • misterkrista

      That’s a good idea. There are often a ton of apples on the ground. Probably perfect for applesauce.

  2. Hi there!
    Have just discovered your very interesting blog! Planning to read more on your food project :) I like foraging for wild mushrooms and currently learn about wild edible plants as well as how to make our daily food more healthy. Do you often include raw food in your menu? (I’ve seen you do some salads :)

    • misterkrista

      We do eat a lot of salads around here. We try to eat plenty of raw foods, but we could probably eat more!

      • Anastasia

        What part of Canada do you live in? I guess you do a lot of own food growing which is great! I have itching feeling for growing own food though currently have no possibility and I’m afraid when I do have possibility I’ll be too old for that and no wish will be left there :(

        • misterkrista

          We are in the US in Washington state, which is next door to BC, though we are a bit south in Olympia.

          We are growing a little more food every year and learning to preserve it, but we have a long ways to go before it is a huge percentage of our food.

          You can start really small, though! Think herbs in your window and small containers on a porch or patio! I figured we have lots of time, though. I always say we will be really great old lady gardeners!

  3. When I lived in Prague for a semester at University, my host family took me mushroom hunting in the forests of the Czech Republic – it was an experience I will never forget! Thanks for sharing, these mushrooms look divine!

    Also, I would like to invite you to partake in the 7 links challenge. I was recently invited, and thought it was a great way to share and promote other blogs. I really enjoy the content on your blog, and thought that you my want to take part as well.

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