yes, we are obsessed

Yesterday I managed to take Levi and his friend on quick trip to Seattle for some fun. We had a breakfast meet-up with my mom followed by arcade time at GameWorks. To my delight I was able to squeeze in a trip to my favorite cupcake bakery in Seattle before it was too late to try their August flavors of the month. Cupcake Royale may have outdone themselves this summer.

It seems that now everyone in our family loves Cupcake Royale – even the chickens.

Pepper bum rushed the box to find that Levi & his buddy had already eaten their choices, The Classic (white cake + chocolate frosting) and the Royale with Cheese (chocolate cake + cheese cream frosting). The Pulp Fiction reference gets high teenage boy approval ratings, as do the cakes.

When she moved on to our cupcakes, we didn’t let her eyeball them long. How about some oatmeal instead, Pepper?

blackberry buckle in front of strawberry shortcake

These cupcakes look pretty glamorous considering they traveled sixty miles between two teenagers in the backseat of my little black car and then held it together in our 80 degree house until the wife got home from work. The blackberry buckle managed to surpass my very high expectations as #1 blackberry fan. The super creamy frosting with a bit of tang from the cream cheese is killer, and that little sprinkle of streusel adds something extra. And ohmygod, the whipped cream frosting with that strawberry shortcake.

We ♥ Cupcake Royale for their sustainable business model. Can you imagine if everyone sourced local ingredients while they are in season? Even the flour is specially milled for cupcakes here in Washington state. Cupcake Royale donated $10,000 to the It Gets Better Project. They also promote the canning movement with monthly canning classes called Pantry Royale. If you’re in the Seattle area it’s not too late – there are two more canning classes this year.


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5 responses to “yes, we are obsessed

  1. It’s great when a bakery can find ingredients from within their own state. I’ll have to try it out the next time I’m in Seattle.

  2. Oh my – this SOOOO beats the Scandinavian Nordic Food-trend which is ablaze in my little country Denmark these years. Well, if you really like to eat sugarized pine and boiled clovers – well, I won’t stand in your way. But I’d rather eat royal cupcakes – and that’s a fact! ;-)

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