from our cupboards

I don’t think I’m going to get to the trio of watermelon canning projects I had hoped for this week, but we’ve got to figure out some good storage solutions for our canned food anyway. Every year I end up crafting some labels for our jars. It’s a little too time intensive for big batches, but we like to have some on hand that you can just slap a ribbon on and give as a proper gift or trade when needed. Really I just do it because it’s fun. It must be the same kid in me who keeps eyeballing the giant, pristine box of crayons at the store (you know, with the built in sharpener).

black pepper cherry jam

cherries in light syrup

Raspberry jam made with Pomona’s Universal Pectin. We’ve been using this a lot since you don’t have to use so much sugar.

Little known fact: if we didn’t name our chickens after characters from Cry-Baby, naming them after characters from The Outsiders was high on the list. Tell me Sodapop, Ponyboy, and Cherry Valance aren’t excellent chicken names? For now we will settle for a reference via golden raspberry jam.


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18 responses to “from our cupboards

  1. Karen D.

    Ugh. I wish I lived closer to you and could work out a trade for some of the black pepper cherry jam. Some of my favorite flavors in one jar.

    you two amaze me.

    • misterkrista

      Thanks! I would offer some up if we didn’t only have two precious jars of that to get us through the year. We made so many different things with our 10lbs of cherries.

      • Lokyra Stone

        Black pepper cherry jam????? I can’t decide if that sounds intriguing or wtf.

        • It is pretty awesome on a grilled cheese sandwich. I suspect it may also make a good tofu marinade. Fingers crossed!

          • Lokyra Stone

            I told my husband about it and he wants to make some now. But I think we used up all the cherries. Could I get your recipe for it?

            Ok. So now you have something that sounds bizarre already, and you go and put it on a grilled cheese sandwich. Heathens!

            • The obscene things we do to grilled cheese sandwiches! It’s almost embarrassing. The black pepper cherry preserves came from that wonderful book Put ‘Em Up. It’s a pretty standard cherry preserve recipe with a little black pepper added (I think 1 tsp?). I can check when I get home. If you have any cherry preserve recipe you like, use that and add a little freshly ground pepper!

              • Lokyra Stone

                I got the Put ‘Em Up book on my wishlist on Amazon, so I don’t forget.
                And I will have to do that. I have a couple jars of cherry preserves left…..
                Thank you!

  2. Lokyra Stone

    This makes me want to make some labels for all our jars. I’ve got my box of crayons out already….

  3. I want to be a person who does canningandpickling. And… making cool personalized labels too.

  4. Love the artwork on the jars. So cute! Thanks for telling us about Pomona’s pectin. I will look for it since I think all jams are way oversweet.

  5. Lauren

    I just stumbled over from food in jars – and I had to say LOVE the outsiders reference. LOVE IT!! (and yes, they would make fantastic names for chickens) (and now I might go find my copy and read it all at once, for old times sake)

  6. Love those jars! I’m inspired. Who wouldn’t want to be gifted with a jar of raspberry jam with a lid like *that*! (And I’m a sucker for hand-stamped letters. Guess you two are too–look at your header!)

  7. My wife is amazed with your creations. Do you ever ship jams/preserves/jellies? We’d love to order some, but we’re all the way down in LA.


    • misterkrista

      That is very sweet! We are not really set up to sell our stuff yet. Maybe someday. We will surely post it here if it happens.

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