Chicken TV

Before we got our chickens, Jess used to talk about how we would spend so much time in our backyard watching “chicken TV.” I was more excited about getting the chickens for backyard breakfast production, and I couldn’t quite picture what she was talking about. As soon as our tiny little chicks arrived in the mail, I got it. We would pull up a chair to their brooder and watch. And these days if you’re having a bad day, the cure is often to go outside and let the chickens out to explore the yard. It always seems to cheer us up. They’re just that funny.

Here’s Cry-Baby and Pepper, hunkered down in the dirt next to some rhubarb, making themselves at home.

This blur of feathers is about what it looks like when they dust bathe. Sometimes they flop down in the dirt and roll around and you can’t see a head or tail – just a big ball of feathers. But you don’t have to imagine it, today we have video!

Be sure to watch if you want an update on Hatchet-Face, the little runt we thought wasn’t going to survive in the early days. She makes her presence known at about the 1:20 mark. Ramona also makes a couple cameo appearances.

And that hum of traffic you hear is Interstate 5. We don’t even really notice it when we’re back there.


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12 responses to “Chicken TV

  1. Mateo

    That was great! Nykolas and I are swooning over Hatchet-Face. The other chicks kinda seemed to be hiding from her, like she’s a narc. What an entertaining and truly loveable motley crew you guys have got over there.

    • misterkrista

      She is our brattiest chicken and sometimes I take offense cos I’m like, “Hello? I saved your life! You should love me!” Ultimately, her crazy personality is just too funny to be offended.

  2. I love this video. I was watching my chickens have a dust bath today as well, and it is absolutely adorable. :) Your chickens look very happy. I am glad you love them all so much. It is true that they can just cheer someone up, I could watch mine for hours.

    Would you mind if I shared this video on my blog? :)

  3. DINOSAURS. Hatchet-Face in particular is so dinolike with her raptor screeches and long neck.

    When my family owned Pekin ducks, we used to sit at the back window and watch them for ages, particularly when it snowed. Oh, those ducks were SO CONFUSED when their kiddie-pool “pond” froze over! Barnyard fowl are a source of endless amuseument.

    • Hatchet is the most dino-like, but I’m not sure if it is the green legs or the screeching that puts her over into the reptilian camp? But she’s such a cuddler! I have to say, you are not helping my longing for ducks.

  4. Lokyra Stone

    Our friends come over and have an epiphany about why we don’t watch too much tv. The animals around here provide plenty of entertainment, from my cat Rexy doing National Geographic leaps and flips several feet in the air, the chickens chasing the miniature dachshund, the chicken who thinks she is a turkey but sounds like a sick duck….
    Farm animals are awesome.

    • Oooh, your chickens chase your miniature dachshund? That gives me hope for future episodes of Chicken TV where our chihuahua finds a new place near the bottom of the pecking order. Thanks for the inspiration! You’re right, too… I find an inverse relationship between my time for tv and the number of animals living on our property.

      • Lokyra Stone

        Yeah. He’ll wait til he’s safely between my feet or something, then turn around and start yelling at them.
        Yesterday the dog Anya was “chasing” the sheep and goat, and the sheep and goat were “running away.” It would have been quite dramatic if all three of them hadn’t been prancing the entire time. And then stopping periodically to eat some grass. Even the dog. (It’s even awesomer because Anya is about the same size as the sheep and goat.)
        The cat Rexy likes to sleep in the chick brooder with the babies. We freaked out the first time we realized he was in there. He is a major bird killer. But apparently he thinks chicks are poor sport or something. He just lies under the lamp, surrounded by a few dozen cheeping, chirping chicks.

  5. Ehrrin

    This is my new favorite show. More, please!

  6. caitlin

    Dust baths are my favorite thing. I will now watch this video about 16 times.

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