could somebody bring over some scones?


I remember buying honeycomb with my mom at a farm stand as a child. I learned recently that a lot of people have never tried honey in the comb. What!

I guess I better get to baking. We’ve been on this whole grain kick, but I think this is asking for some buttery, white flour-y scones, don’t you?

Thanks, honey, for taking all the stings.

(No, the stings don’t happen too often but we had one angry hive this week.)


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7 responses to “could somebody bring over some scones?

  1. You won’t ruin your scones by adding some whole wheat pastry flour, or you could make oat scones. Honey is awfully good on homemade whole wheat bread, too, especially toast. The honey looks delicious. If I were local I would whip up a batch of scones and be right over. — Sharyn

  2. uh i love scones and jam!!

  3. Wow, that honey looks so fresh! Its true many people have no idea what the original honeycomb looks or tastes like, definitely their loss!

  4. I wonder what does fresh honey taste like….I’m one of those people that never tried honey in comb =)

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