Inside the coop

I am so happy to report that the ladies are greatly enjoying their full-time outside lives. They still seem to love us a lot even though they are big girls with their own lives. Bribery, treats, and special attention will get you everywhere with chickens. I like to peek into the egg door and see what they are doing. Usually they are being cute or funny, or both.

The inside of the coop is pretty nice. The roof is clear as to not interrupt their stargazing.

They’re good at putting themselves to bed when the sun goes down. They are learning to use their perch. They love the bugs and dirt. I enjoy not having chickens in my house. If we ever raise baby chicks again, I would prefer to do it in the garage. Or at your house. We’re friends, right? You’d let me keep a flock of chickens in your house, wouldn’t you? Now, that’s settled.


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5 responses to “Inside the coop

  1. Super cute! The roof on our coop is mostly plywood, but there’s a skylight and the whole thing is covered with that same kind of plastic. Seems like it makes it much nicer inside.
    P.S. 3 chickens are now laying, so we have brown, white, and green eggs! It’s so cool!

    • That is so great! Are they outpacing your demand yet, or are you able to keep up with eating them? Yesterday we were counting down the weeks until they start laying. They’re almost 11 weeks so we have quite a while to go… it will be exciting when it happens, but as you can see – we haven’t built the nesting box yet. So we can use a little extra time.

  2. Not outpacing demand yet, but it’s going to happen! I kind of wish we would have kept the nest boxes covered up until they got to laying age, because one of them took to sleeping in a nest box and I have to kick her out of it every night. So it’s probably not a bad thing for them to get used to the roost before you introduce the nest box! You’re going to have eggs before you know it, though!

  3. Meanwhile I was just thinking how I’d be delighted to have YOU hand-rear my futurechicks for me. Surely you’re interested. Surely.

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