Chickens, 7 weeks!

There are so many things I want to blog about these days, but the most labor-intensive project gets precedence today. We have been working on our garden coop for months. In fact, we spent most of the 4th of July weekend working on our chicken coop — what is more American than that, I ask you? I would say that our coop is now about 97% complete. It thrills me to type that.

We still need to:
* finish filling in the predator-proof trenches.
* add hardware to the human-sized door.
* tile and re-install the coop floor.
* add perches and nesting boxes.
* sew up a little part of the hardware cloth to keep predators out.

It’s nearly good enough for chicken habitation. Later this summer I want to add gutters and a rain catchment system, but that’s not essential now. Our years of research, weeks of hard work, the labor of our dear friends who helped to build this, and a smidge of good luck seem to have paid off – we are delighted by our coop. With great relief, many broken fingernails, a sunburn, 5,000 mosquito bites, and a thin layer of caulk on my hands, I am so pleased to present our 97%-complete coop.

The chickens are too big for the light box anymore, so we made them pose with Levi this week. I have to admit, this is pretty much my favorite photo ever. Of All Time. I have never loved a photo like this. No one was pooped on in the making of this photo. (see it bigger here.)

Ramona & Pepper love to perch on human arms. They make us feel like professional falconers. They are so sweet.

On to the individual shots!!

Cry-Baby Walker, pretending to be a pirate’s parrot.

Hatchet-Face is growing some feathery Farrah Fawcett wings on the sides of her head.

Ramona did not want to pose today. Also, her white feathers are coming in like crazy.

Pepper Walker is checking out the egg-access door.

Lenora was far too busy flying around to pose. This was her “best shot.”

The chickens were enthralled by the coop and they can’t wait to move outside full-time. The dogs anxiously tried to herd/eat the chickens, but the coop was secure enough to keep the hounds at bay. I have high hopes that the flock can move outside within a week!

Click here for past chicken portraits.


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15 responses to “Chickens, 7 weeks!

  1. All I can say is “awesome”.

  2. ellen

    this is the most amazing fabulous chicken coop i’ve ever seen. admittedly i haven’t seen that many but probably more than you’d guess. this one is so so fabulous! i showed the boys the levi picture, they loved it.

  3. Geraldine

    What a fabulous chicken coop! I love it. And I love the photos! How are your dogs with the chickens? We want to add chickens to our backyard garden but aren’t sure how the dog will react.

    • Why thank you. Our dogs are very, very interested in the chickens. I can’t tell if they want to herd them or eat them, but we’re not taking any chances. Since our dogs are pretty small, I expect that once our chickens reach their full sizes they will be able to hold their own. Until then, we’re being pretty careful. I would say it depends a lot on your dogs temperament and how you integrate them. If you have big, mean, blood-thirsty dogs that don’t like to listen or be trained, it might be a real issue for you and you would have to rely on fences to separate them. I lost a whole flock of guinea hens to untrained dogs when I was a teenager. :(

      • Geraldine

        Yikes! She’s a small (25lb), hyper dog, but she listens most of the time. I think she’d be ok once she got used to them…but still VERY interested. Fences will be in order. Maybe I can find some chickens that she can spend some time with before we take the plunge. :)

        • Yeah! You could take her to chicken desensitization school! Do they have that? Tonight I let the dogs hang out with the chickens (very very supervised, in a controlled environment) and they were interested but not too aggressive. I am hopeful for the future.

  4. omygodilove this and of course the coop is the best colors. and that photo is amazing. and i want chickens to perch on my arms. siiiigh!!

  5. What a great chicken coop design! The colors are great.

  6. your coop is so awesome! it looks great! and holy crap the chickens are huge! they grow up so fast.. *tear*

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