a little solstice indulgence

Since we recently took our first jar of honey from the bees, I decided we should make something a little extra special with some of that honey. What could be more special than homemade ice cream? And what better day to do this than yesterday, the longest day of the year (not to mention it got up to 79 degrees for us and our tomatoes).

While Jess and Levi were at work I prepared a simple mixture of four ingredients: organic cream, organic whole milk, honey from our backyard, and two vanilla beans.

Yes, we like to do some things old school around here. Ice and rock salt and man power.

Clementine helped oversee Levi’s work. He insisted he do all the cranking, which was fine by me.

And then she took a nap because it kind of takes forever to make ice cream.

We peeked inside 3 or 4 times before finding this.

Yes, it does taste as good as you imagine. Better, even.

I used this recipe.

And Jess is celebrating extra. Now that I’ve tasted the rewards of all the work we’ve put into the bees, I don’t want anything to go wrong so I’ve agreed we could fit another hive or two into the yard. I’m so proud of her for keeping these bees going through their first year, and now we have two busy hives pollinating the neighborhood and making our lives a little sweeter.


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5 responses to “a little solstice indulgence

  1. Please send me some. I’m sure there’s a way.

  2. Mom

    Yuuuum! Looks really good.

  3. Just found your blog today. I am so happy :) We’re new beekeepers too. Just so happens that I have some nice vanilla beans, and the honey is going to be harvested here soon… so I’m using this recipe. Thanks so much! And pleased to meet you. I’ll look forward to your future posts!

    • Being a beekeeper is fun, isn’t it? It is great that you’re harvesting your first year. I saw on your blog that you are in MO. Have you read Sue Hubbell’s Book of Bees? She’s a Missouri beekeeper… well, she was when she wrote the book, anyway. I don’t know if she’s out of the business now. Good luck with the ice cream and thanks for reading!

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