the chickens & their props

It’s hard to tell exactly how big the chickens are in a photo with nothing for comparison, so I decided to have them each pose with props they have posed with before. They mostly cooperated.

Pepper and the swan pepper shaker, 10 days old.

At five weeks, the swan is not so interesting, although she did try to peck at it a couple times.

Cry-Baby, Babe and Paul Bunyan, 2 weeks old.

The gang at 5 weeks. Cry-Baby is our roundest little lady.

A handful of Lenora at 2 weeks old.

She’s not so easy to fit in one hand at 5 weeks.

Hatchet-Face and the apple, at 8 days old.

Still growing, 5 weeks old.

A fluffy little Ramona on our state at 10 days old.

Squatting on top of Washington, 5 weeks old.

Now if I could just finish up the coop so they can move outside! We have been weaning them off the heat lamp and they don’t seem to even need it at night anymore with this decent weather we’ve been having. We offer them new treats all the time, and being chickens they are always skeptical at first. In the last couple days they have tried watermelon and they got to finish off a strawberry a bird had taken a bite out of in the garden. The fun never stops on this little farm.


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5 responses to “the chickens & their props

  1. They are getting so big, just seemed like you just got them and now they are covered in feathers…. Im thinking cry baby is my favorite, she is just golden colored and very pretty.

  2. Mateo

    My household is pretty much emotionally invested in y’alls chicks. We’ve actually recently found out about the urban chicken coop collective in our neighborhood ( and have been discussing the possibility of finding out more.
    This is one my favorite posts- I love the comparison shots.

    • misterkrista

      Aww, thanks! That is awesome that they have a chicken coop collective. I keep saying there should be chickens at our community garden.

    • misterkrista

      Also, Seattle has a chicken coop tour we went to a couple years ago. It was really fun. Portland has one, too that we will probably have to check out some day.

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