shake a tail feather

The babies are now three weeks old, and have just begun to cross over into the awkward teenager phase. Maybe I’m biased, but I think they still have a lot of cute left. And these feathers are quite stunning. Pepper is getting her little bits of white and Lenora is turning completely white instead of baby chick yellow. So much change!

Let’s compare 3 days old to 3 weeks old, shall we?

Pepper Walker:

Lenora Frigid:

Cry-Baby Walker:

Ramona Rickettes:

and Hatchet-Face:

Oh, little Hatchet-Face. She is still half the size of the others. On the one hand, this is good because she is continuing to grow. As the others feather out, though, we can see how behind she is once more. After isolating and force feeding her for a bit, we put her back with the others and started just offering her a couple extra high-calorie snacks a day. She had started to eagerly eat worms and egg yolk everyday. She can be a little scrapper and even sometimes wins the tug o’ war over worms or uses her size and speed to her advantage to sneak under and yank something from another beak.

Yesterday we started to worry again, because she won’t eat treats by herself anymore. She only seems interested in it if her sisters are going crazy for it, and of course that means she doesn’t get much. That would be fine if it seemed like she were eating a lot on her own, but everytime we feel for food in her gullet there doesn’t seem to be much. So we continue to watch and wait, and hope she starts to sprout some new feathers. Come on Hatchy!

Another minor chick discovery. I’m now convinced that Ramona, “our Welsummer,” is not actually a Welsummer. Ramona and our friend’s little chick were the two that we had the hardest time telling apart when they arrived in the mail. The coloring was slightly different, but the markings were the same except Ramona had more distinct eyeliner. We did some googling and settled on the eyeliner meaning she was the Welsummer and she came home with us.

As she has grown I had started to suspect she was the Speckled Sussex our friends had ordered. A visit to see them this week made me pretty certain I was right, as they look a lot different now. Nobody cares enough about their breeds to do a switcheroo. I, for one, am very attached to our little Ramona. And I just have to promise the wife we can get another chicken some day that will lay chocolate colored eggs.

My absolute favorite thing about week three?

Their adorable little tail feathers. They now stick them up in the air when they are running around fighting over a snack. Chicken TV never gets old.


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7 responses to “shake a tail feather

  1. Hillary

    Cutie cutie cuteness. This is what ours looked like when we got them. Now they are too grown up for me and don’t give me the time of day. I hope it’s a phase.

    • misterkrista

      Oh man, I don’t want them to ignore us. Right now when we come into the room they perk up and start making a lot of noise. We’re the giver of treats and all.

      • Hillary

        Since we put ours outside they’ve gotten pretty quiet. Just wait til you’re comparing three months to three weeks!

  2. Oh my, they looks so…chickenie? chickenish? chickenlike?

  3. These chickens are super adorable. We are thinking about getting some as well after a week of chicken-sitting our neighbor’s flock. What kind of coop did you build?

    • misterkrista


      We used the Garden Coop plans:

      We purchased them through when we ordered our baby chicks. I am not super handy, but I had a much handier friend help me build it. I would recommend the plans.

      Of course the babies are not in the coop yet, but it seems to be a very smart design.

      After building ours my friend used the knowledge he gained to build his own similar coop using mostly pallet and scrap wood. For all new materials it is about $600.

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