Day 11!!

Today we had a very dramatic moment during the photo shoot. Elsa, our numskull cat, climbed into the chick brooder while we were taking photos. Fortunately, Elsa is inadequate at everything she tries to do and she caused no damage to the chickees. She has been a little too interested in them since the first day they arrived (see below), and I have caught her actually sitting on the wire mesh lid of the brooder staring at the chicks. If that were me, I would have already planned out how I was going to eat each delectable chick morsel. But Elsa, the world’s most gloriously incompetent cat, only got a free trip to the backyard.

Jimmy Rabies is a bit more of a go-getter, but he spends most of his time hunting things outdoors so the domestic chicks are, frankly, not very interesting to him. He almost yawns when he watches them. (see below)

Daily Weigh-In:
Pepper 2 and 1/4
Ramona 2 and 3/8
Lenora 2 and 3/4
Cry-Baby 2 and 5/8
Hatchet-Face 1 and 1/4
Everyone gained 1/8 oz !!! Even Hatchet-Face! I guess that is a good rate of growth for baby chicks (I have no idea. I was not a 4H kid or anything.)

Hatchet-face is hanging tough. She’s still in isolation, but she seems a little more lively. You can tell she’s under the weather, and she’s looking a little rough with the vitamins all over her face. Here’s her Day 11 Best Shot:

Pepper Walker!

I have no idea if this is normal for chickens, but ours like to recline in Krista’s palm. Pepper likes it most of all. She looks like a little penguin in a beach chair when she does this, and she will sit there pretty much forever.

Today Lenora learned to fly to the top of the watering jar. She’s the most advanced flyer so far. She probably always will be. We plan to clip her wings when they become free-rangers. She doesn’t know that yet. No need to crush her dreams this early.

Ramona is having trouble staying still for her daily photos, so she perched on my hand. Yesterday I tried to get her to perch on my finger like this but she couldn’t do it. Her coordination and balance just weren’t there. Today, she did it! I was so surprised and amazed at her new skill. I think she was pleased, too.

And last but never, ever least, Cry-baby Walker. She was just grooming her feathers, but I imagine this pose as a formal bow. If she was doing yoga, this would be her uttanasana.



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4 responses to “Day 11!!

  1. caitlin

    I can’t believe the feathers on Ramona Rickets!

  2. Melinda

    The reclining thing is pretty normal for female chicks. If the the chick was male, he would try to right himself, flapping his wings, etc.

    • That is so interesting. And good to know! I am going to test all of our chicks’ sexes when I get home. Do they keep the habit into adulthood?

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