Day 10!

First order of business, there are SO many photos of these chicks. I recommend that you check out Krista’s set of chick photos if you find yourself wanting more or missing them between blog updates. I review the chick set a few times a day to cleanse my soul of the ugliness of the world.

Day 10!! They are growing so fast and turning into such BIRDS right before our eyes. They are eating a lot. I filled their feeder as I normally would when I got home from work, and I had to re-fill it before bed! Two words: Oink. Oink.

Today’s weigh-in:
Pepper 2 and 1/8
Ramona 2 and 1/4
Lenora 2 and 5/8
Cry-Baby 2 and 1/2
Hatchet-Face 1 and 1/8
Everyone gained weight, except Hatchet.

Lenora Frigid. Don’t you think her name should be in cursive? She is such a graceful, lovely bird. It is hard to believe that her breed is the number one breed used for large-scale commercial egg production in the United States. (seriously) Her favorite thing is to stretch and flap her wings, so I really can’t imagine her in a 12″x12″ cage.

Lenora made a strong statement about how she was “completely done” with this photo shoot.

Ramona Rickettes is constantly in motion.

You know what makes a perfect prop for chicken photo shoots? A vintage salt and pepper shaker collection. Thankfully we don’t actually eat salt and pepper out of these. This is titled, “A Stately Bird.”

Cry-Baby Walker still has very little interest in me beyond my role as treat-provider and fresh-water-fetcher, but her lovely peach-colored feathers are captivating.

Also. This.

Pepper Walker posed with a swan salt shaker. She was genuinely puzzled by this. It was like that scene from Drop Dead Gorgeous:
“Who are you?!” Oh Mary, you kill me. She always says that. It’s a little game we play. Every week – same dippy little look on her face. “Who are you – who are you?” Just like that. It’s me – Your Friend, The Ceramic Swan!

Pepper was kind enough to show off her wings today. Lovely, no?

Hatchet-face nearly slept through her photo shoot. Her face is filthy because she got a nice dose of vitamin booster. Maybe the vitamins will be her pick-me-up, and some day we will show her these photos and laugh together, “Remember when you were sick and we were soooo worried?” And she will say, “Ba-Gock!!” Fingers Crossed. Hatchet, everyone’s rooting for you!


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2 responses to “Day 10!

  1. Hillary Estner

    I love the Drop Dead Gorgeous reference. You’re a nut.

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