Day 8!: All is not well in the world of the peepers.

Our precious Hatchet-face is struggling to hang on. I admit I got a little sad about it and skipped a day of chick-blogging. But that’s not fair, is it? Life is a delicate thing. She’s listless and drowsy. She peeps nearly constantly if we are not holding her. She tries to eat and drink, but doesn’t seem to be very successful at either. She’s much smaller than her sisters; she weighs 1.25 ounces, while everyone else is weighing in over 2 oz. She sleeps too much. She’s far too docile and cooperative for a week-old chick. Suffice to say, we’re trying to be practical and realistic about her future, but it’s difficult when she is so sweet and innocent. We have all suffered the loss of a beloved pet, but this is a sore moment. It’s hard to tell what is wrong with chicks. She doesn’t have pasty butt. We treated them all for cocci the first day she seemed listless. She is isolated with special food and medicated water with boosters in it. Her keep-on-keeping-on-ness is our greatest hope right now. If you have any “healthy chick” spells, pls cast them in her direction. If you’re a chicken expert, leave some advice.

Here is Hatchet’s day 8 photo:

Pepper Walker

Crybaby Walker

Lenora Frigid

Ramona Rickettes

Bonus shot: Hatchet, Pepper & Ramona in a classic “Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens” pose


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6 responses to “Day 8!: All is not well in the world of the peepers.

  1. Mateo

    Sending healing vibes to sweet little Hatchet Face <3

  2. Michelle

    Feel better Hatchet Face!!!! We love you.

  3. Good luck, Hatchet-face!

  4. aw, hatchet-face! sending healthy, strong vibes your way!

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