Seven days Earthside

Today, Lenora napped during her photo shoot.

Pepper managed to stay awake and not poop in the light box. Let’s all give Pepper a round of applause for this accomplishment.

Hatchet-face shows off her lovely cheek plumage. She knows it’s lovely because we tell her 500 times a day.

Ramona was very concerned about the possibility of treats in the light box.

Cry-baby went for the tired old joke. Guess What? Chicken Butt!
(You knew we had to go there eventually.)

Today’s bonus shot is one of Lenora & Hatchet-face cuddling. Have you seen a pile of sleeping chicks? It slays me. This is a small sample.


Filed under chickens, spring, urban farming

2 responses to “Seven days Earthside

  1. the tiny wings on Cry-baby … eee! how cute!

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