6 days old!

Day 6 already! It’s hard to believe our little flock has been earth-side for almost a week. I’m glad you can’t see our living room, which has the dining room tables pulled around the brooder. This is family time – watching ChickTV together. We have not accomplished much in the past week garden- or coop-wise because these peepers are so entertaining.

Ramona Quimby-Rickettes. No one has anything bad to say about this chicken. She is beautiful, brave and smart. She is friendly. She cuddles, but somehow maintains her independent spirit. She was the first to eat little treats from our hands. She took a nap on my wife yesterday. It almost killed me – Krista & Ramona cuddling on the couch.

And Ramona is always good for a miniature dinosaur pose.

Pepper Walker. Pepper is still a calm, sweet chick. She hasn’t pooped on anyone in two whole days. No amount of drama or shenanigans can ruffle Pepper’s feathers.

I found out last night that my friend Panda’s favorite is Pepper. She wants to dedicate this photo to him.

Hatchet-Face has become a very sweet chick in the past day. She naps in my hands. She runs to me and lets me scoop her up. I gave her a little bath and she didn’t scream the whole time. It’s such a 180 degree change in personality that I was worried that something was wrong with her. How can a chicken go from hating you to loving you in 12 hours? Oh, maybe it’s because she learned about treats. Now she gazes at me adoringly whenever I come near the brooder. If they don’t give you love, buy it.

Lenora Frigid is a food-motivated chick who, like Hatchy, has experienced an attitude adjustment since we introduced the concept of treats to their small world. She is patient in the photography studio and can hold a pose for longer than any of her sisters.

As an adult, Lenora will be pure white, so she is pale yellow as a chick. I think she is pretty, although Krista is quick to point out that she has big ears.

Cry-baby Walker…. Krista captured the quintessential spirit of the buff orpington chick in this photo: a little bull-headed battle axe puffball of a chick. Cry-baby is the chick that hates me the most. When she sees me, she runs. I offer treats, she steals them from her sisters who are brave enough to eat from my hand. I scoop her up and cuddle her, and scream-peeping ensues with wild winglet flapping. I hope she grows out of this. Levi says she is sweet, but maybe she thinks Levi is her mom.

My favorite thing about Cry-baby is this photo. it is positively presidential. If a chick could run for president, this would be her campaign photo. I would write in this chicken!

President Cry-Baby

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One response to “6 days old!

  1. ellen

    these chicks are so cute it’s RIDICULOUS. you should get a ticket for having such cuteness here.

    how are the cats and dogs reacting to the chicks?

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