Baby Chicks: Day 4

Krista built a light box to photograph our little babies, and I am in love with the photos she has captured of the babyhood of these little birds. It’s predictable, but goodness they grow so fast. They have little wing feathers, and they seem bigger every six hours.

Ramona Rickettes


Lenora Frigid

Crybaby Walker

And Pepper Walker, who is the sweetest chick of them all. If you put your hand in the brooder, she runs right to you. If you cuddle her, she goes to sleep right in your hand. She is precious.

And here are a couple outtakes:

Hatchetface in action

Lenora is growing a comb



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5 responses to “Baby Chicks: Day 4

  1. Robyn with a Y


    It’s like she’s saying, “There’s nothin’ wrong with mah face!”

  2. caitlin

    i cant believe how different they are already!!
    chicken photo a day is like a dream come true. please publish a calendar.

    • just wait until the end when we put them all in 1 flickr set and convert it to a video. that will be so cute. oh wait, krista says we have to make a video of each one separately.

      then, calendar, silk screened tshirts, stencils, and tattoos. i really want a tattoo of ramona rickettes in her “name debut” pose.

  3. These are fantastic! Love, love, love!

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