Birth Announcement

We are proud to welcome five new ladies to our little family. They are puffing, fluffing, eating, pooping, pecking and peeping around their new home. They seem completely nonplussed by the cross-country voyage on their first day of life, thankfully.

the barred plymouth rock

the welsummer

the leghorn

the easter egger with her fluffy cheeks which i am dying to pinch omg

the buff orpington

The scene around the house is like this:

Which, translated to human, looks like this:

We are all quite smitten with them, and who could blame us? They are cuddly, soft and warm. They are an iconic level of cuteness. There is a real, farmerly contentedness to waking up in the morning and hearing a chorus of peeps. Name announcements to follow, when the Naming Council reaches their final decisions.


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4 responses to “Birth Announcement

  1. Congratulations on your new arrivals! They are far beyond adorable.
    Bees aren’t as cuddly.

  2. Lolabolt

    Congrats on the chickens – I love the coloring on the Welsummer.

    And I realize I’m missing the point of the photos, but do I spy zombie+pterodactyl sleeping pants? And more importantly, where do I get them?! I’m secretly a boy living in a 25 y/o woman’s body. Who knew?

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