Happy Easter!

Whether you celebrate the pagan or Christian holiday, or just love food, it’s hard to resist things like Peeps and deviled eggs.

Eating Peeps does kind of make us lazy vegetarians, but I caved for the sake of eating s’mores long ago. When I suggested dipping Peeps in chocolate and sprinkling different things on top, Levi came up with the genius of graham crackers. We do love the combination of marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker around here.

To balance out all the sugar and artificial colors and flavors, I tried to go the hippie route this year with egg dying. The result was kind of messy and impermanent but beautiful.

I concocted brews of turmeric (yellow), beet (pink), red cabbage (a stunning indigo blue somehow), carrot + paprika (the goal was orange), coffee (brown), and green (turmeric plus red cabbage) along with salt and vinegar.

If I had to do only one color, it would have to be the red cabbage blue. I guess it is more of an indigo. Not only is it crazy that you boil red cabbage into a purplish maroon liquid and it dyes things this color, but the color is pretty spectacular.

coffee, beet, and red cabbage

carrot + paprika turned out taupe with red speckles!

Mostly I still wanted to be able to able to eat the eggs afterwards. Only the beet and coffee managed to make its way into the egg, and I’m happy to report that coffee or beet infused deviled eggs taste just fine.

There is really a lot happening around here with bees, chicken coops, landscaping, and tree removal. Hopefully we’ll find the time to blog about it all really soon.



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  1. Wow, that indigo is stunning. And I love that the pink soaked in. It makes the deviled egg look delightfully festive.

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