Spring Sprang Sprung

I know it’s spring because I find myself gazing admiringly at crocuses and making photo collages of them. It’s not that I love crocuses so much, but I love what they’re telling me.

And my spring reading is starting to pile up. This stack of books follows me from the dining room table (ahem, I mean, our garden design and planning office) to the bedside for about five months. I’m always muttering to myself, “Now, what was that about companion planting strawberries and leeks?” or “I need second opinions on making your own biochar!” or “Can you pickle broccoli raab?” I am a wonderful person to live with right about now.

Girl, we are up to all kinds of tomfoolery with the garden plans. I started 50 tomato seedlings (8 varieties), which is simultaneously the best and worst idea ever. This year, we signed up for an additional 400 square feet of gardening space at a plot in a community garden. Our plot was described as “esoteric” and has an extraordinary amount of buttercup & lemon balm to conquer. This will be the year that we fell some of the (bad) trees in our yard. We are making the honey bees look lazy with all of our planning and scurrying. We’re buying seed potatoes like the zombie apocalypse is coming. Hey, maybe it is! Happy Spring!


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8 responses to “Spring Sprang Sprung

  1. Hi, I just stumbled on your blog by searching wordpress for “gardening” .. & am in awe of all of the reading that you (may) be doing! :)

    I am about to start choosing seeds for my backyard garden this week & am a little overwhelmed. Although I’ve got some herbs going & have blogged about those, I haven’t even started on my outdoor gardens yet! Can’t wait.

    Thanks for the inspiration, & good luck with your zillions of tomatoes! :)

    • Wow, the small world of wordpress brings us together! Hello!

      Picking out seeds is so fun. It’s like speed dating for gardeners. I love to spend a whole afternoon immersed in my seed catalogs and spreadsheets, daydreaming about eating tomatoes in August.

      Good luck with your planting!!

  2. Andrea

    It doesn’t get said enough: You guys are awesome.

  3. Hillary

    Have you read “Eat Your Yard”?

    • I have read a few dozen books in that genre. here is my list of books I’ve “finished” since 2007 …. if I only skim a book I don’t give myself credit for it, so I have flipped through & discarded many, many more than this list reflects. I can’t remember if I have read that one, though. Do you find it to be substantially better than the other books of that genre? Right now I am a little consumed by Rosalind Creasy b/c I got her reissued book for xmas and it’s so beautiful. But my library has Eat Your Yard & I just finished Mini Farming, so I could get it if you think it’s good.

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