green curry quinoa bowls

What’s for dinner? We’re trying to keep you up to date with our food post $5 project.

Adapted from our current library book, Cook 1.0.

Simple dinner, and we successfully subbed quinoa for jasmine rice. We are trying so hard to be healthy. This was quite delicious. A little on the fatty side for how we’re trying to eat, but I’ll get to tweaking it.


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3 responses to “green curry quinoa bowls

  1. Patrice Helmar

    How can you not love 101 cookbooks and Heidi Swanson? She takes lovely photos, lives in SF, and travels to Italy often. I’m a little jeaous of her life, frankly.

    • Oh, I know. But there are tons of food bloggers I follow /drool over their photos, but I don’t always cook their recipes. I mean, beautiful photos are great, but how does it taste? Somehow I don’t think I’d ever eaten one of her recipes until JANUARY! But we are converts. Her food is yummy. I’m joining her cult. El Fin.

  2. Patrice Helmar

    I meant: jealous.

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