Video of our $5 vegetarian food

I make silly videos of almost everything, so I pulled together this pummelvision video of photos Krista took for the $5/person/day project. Are you familiar with pummelvision? I love it because pummelvision does all the work. The only work I have to do is be organized with the photos, and mostly Krista does that for me. It’s great to watch this and re-live the whole month!

If the video moves too fast, you can click through to the photo set and walk down memory lane at your own pace here. And if you missed it when it was happening, you can read all the posts here. I’m still amazed by how the project turned out. We ate some really awesome food for >$5. And now I’m craving some gnocchi.


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4 responses to “Video of our $5 vegetarian food

  1. Lisa

    Could I persuade you to put a link to the tag-generated page in your Food sidebar?

    • For you, of course. It’s listed under the “food” category. Pls Enjoy. We need to start cooking more new recipes but garden season is starting so soon. Have you ever cooked all the way through a cookbook? I feel like I need to do that but I hate eggplant and too many people cook eggplant.

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