day fourteen

(Click here for an explanation of the project.)

Here’s what we ate for $4.56 yesterday, January 15, 2011.


whole grapefruit $0.25
baked eggs with grape tomatoes and feta $0.86
slice of toasted leftover sprouted bread (freebie)


chocolate peanut butter smoothie $0.86
whole grain pita $0.43
4 tablespoons hummus $0.24


4 butternut stuffed shells with tomato porcini sauce $1.28
honey roasted carrots $0.34


half an organic packaged iced mocha from Grocery Outlet $0.30

total $4.56

I know I said we would be eating more snacks, but we had super filling meals today and used more of our budget than we have in awhile. Here’s the cost breakdown for dinner:

1/2 medium (2 pound) butternut squash $0.53
1 tablespoon olive oil $0.13
2 pounds part-skim ricotta $3.99
2 eggs $0.34
1/4 bunch Italian parsley $0.25
3 cloves garlic $0.03
4 ounces reduced fat feta $1.02
12 ounces jumbo pasta shells (about 36 shells) $2.49
2 cups tomato porcini sauce $2.74

We got 9 servings of 4 stuffed shells each.

Total cost $11.52, or $1.28 per serving.

The recipe and cost for the chocolate peanut butter smoothies is posted separately. Levi and Jess both declared me a genius for the smoothies. It’s also been dubbed the “Reese’s peanut butter cup of smoothies.” I guess I haven’t made them in awhile. And roasting carrots in a little honey and olive oil is the next big thing in this house. We are obsessed.

Expect a few more grapefruit glamour shots, because we went shopping today and they are still 4 for a dollar.

Oh, and we’re officially out of our free coffee. Coffee calculations to coming soon.



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3 responses to “day fourteen

  1. Kate D

    I see you are also looking at nutrition facts/calories/fat. Do you find you are eating less/losing weight just because you are tracking everything so closely? To be honest I almost never eat just one serving of something, so in some ways this project seems almost like a diet by enforcing portions.

    • misterkrista

      Yeah, one of our goals for the project was to kick start healthier eating. We have lost a couple pounds which I would assume is from cutting back on portion sizes and especially sugar. No more soda and a lot less dessert.

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