chocolate peanut butter smoothies

The milkshake of smoothies. A meal in a glass. Have it for breakfast, although it’s sweet enough for dessert.

Per person, throw the following in your blender:

1 fresh banana $0.25
1 frozen ripe banana, chopped $0.25
1 tablespoon organic peanut butter $0.11
1-1/2 tablespoons cocoa $0.12
1/2 cup almond milk $0.13

total: $0.86

Full nutrtion information here, calculated via recipe calculator.


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7 responses to “chocolate peanut butter smoothies

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  2. holy heaven on earth. those look AMAZING. and will definitely be my breakfast tomorrow. drooling just thinking about it.

  3. I am so making these soon. For. Real.

    Thanks for posting!!

  4. Our blender broke a few weeks ago. This recipe (and the picture) made me run out to get a new one today so we can have the smoothies for breakfast. Thanks for the great series on low-priced, healthy, and delicious meals.

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