day twelve

(Click here for an explanation of the project.)

Here’s what we ate for $3.85 yesterday, January 13, 2011.


1 cup cooked organic quinoa $0.36
1/4 cup almond milk $0.06
1 tablespoon brown sugar $0.02


whole wheat bagel $0.42
3 tablespoons hummus $0.18
2 clementines $0.44


2 slices whole wheat pizza with artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes, feta, red onion $1.12


root beer float $0.75


8 ounces plain yogurt with peach lavender butter $0.50

total $3.85

Day twelve was the first day breakfast wasn’t so delicious. Over time I’ve come to really enjoy quinoa as part of a dinner, when topped with other delicious ingredients. But I guess doctoring it up as a breakfast with a little cinnamon, brown sugar, and non-dairy milk isn’t going to cut it. I think we will have to try, try again with raisins and nuts for a little more texture. Or perhaps a poached egg.

And happy Friday to all you Monday through Friday-ers. Yesterday was the beginning of my weekend, which meant we had run out of our planned meals. Dinner ended up being after 9pm. I guarantee you we would have ordered a pizza tonight if it weren’t for the project. We had some pizza sauce and mozzarella in the fridge that were about to spoil, so we decided to count those as freebies and see what we could come up with between Trader Joe’s (home of the pre-made pizza dough) and Grocery Outlet (hoping for more cheap almond milk). We had $9.10 left for the day.

Our really decadent, under budget pizza:

whole wheat Trader Joe’s pizza dough $1.29
leftover sauce and mozzarella
1/6 a red onion $0.05
4 ounces grape tomatoes $0.62
1/2 can artichoke hearts $0.99
1/4 of a $1.62 hunk of reduced fat feta $0.41

That works out to be $3.36 total or $1.12 per person for a third a pie! Even if we had purchased mozzarella and sauce, this could have been a cheap gourmet pizza.

Our 75 cent root beer floats were made possible by Grocery Outlet and their $1.49 pint of Ben & Jerry’s vanilla. And also their 25 cent cans of Barq’s. Sure, we could have gotten a cheap 2 liter somewhere else, but then we’d have a lot more leftover root beer tempting us from the fridge.

We did plan on eating less sugar this month, but didn’t specify exact restrictions. Dessert only once a week makes us appreciate it so much more we’ll leave you with a root beer float photo essay.

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  1. caitlin

    I eat quinoa for breakfast sometimes, but a friend told me the way she does it–you cook it ahead of time (like maybe you had it with dinner) and then you mix it with yogurt and leave it sitting out on your stove over night (i guess it kind of ferments, but not too much at all… and this process makes it easier to digest? that’s what i was told)
    anyway i mix it with dried fruit and honey and/or nuts and eat it room temp. its pretty good, and again, easy.

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