day nine

(Click here for an explanation of the project.)

Here’s what we ate for $4.49 yesterday, January 10, 2011.


8 ounces lowfat plain yogurt with homemade preserves $0.50
banana $0.25


leftover honey baked lentils and baked yam $1.16


2 mini grilled blue cheese and pear sandwiches on raisin bread $1.44
salad mix with jicama and balsamic vinegar and olive oil $0.39


6 ounces stove top espresso with 1/3 cup frothed soy milk $0.07 (still using free coffee beans)
half a pear $0.24
2 clementines $0.44

total $4.49

You might have noticed we are a little bit obsessed with trying new and unusual grilled cheese sandwiches. There was the grilled kimcheese. And then there was my new favorite, the blackberry grilled cheese. I would link you to that recipe, but the site is down. It’s pretty simple: bread with blackberry jam spread on each slice with cheese, scallions, and walnuts in between. PURE MAGIC.

We weren’t sure we could make something as fancy as a grilled blue cheese sandwich happen on $5 a day, but I’d already found pears for cheap so I consulted google and found this recipe. We set out to find a good deal on blue cheese, and no surprise here, it was at the co-op. Then I set out to see how I could make the recipe a little cheaper.

I found that half the cheese the recipe called for looked like plenty. And since I still haven’t priced out butter or vegan margarine I opted for olive oil. I ended up only needing a third of the amount called for when I lightly brushed the bread with olive oil. I love that we are finding ways to make recipes simultaneously cheaper and healthier when my perception of really cheap food has always been Top Ramen and Kraft macaroni and cheese.

Those sandwiches were absolutely decadent, even with the adjustments. And Levi, who is getting increasingly more helpful in the kitchen, took salad duty despite the fact that his initial reaction to the bagged salad was, “I’m scared.”

It didn’t appear to be browning at all so how could I pass on 49 cents and no chopping? Levi dressed it up with some jicama, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. I am usually anti pre-packaged salad mixes, but it was worth it at that price. Another slam dunk dinner for cheap. We are adding stuff to our repertoire left and right here.


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4 responses to “day nine

  1. that grilled cheese looks am-A-zing! the raisin bread really takes it over the top.

    • I know! I found a restaurant that specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches and got some inspiration from their menu, started google-ing around and found this version… It is really delicious. I highly recommend it, especially since you can probably conjure up a really great raisin bread. The sweetness is perfect with the strong, stinky blue cheese. <3

      ps is there any way to convince you to provide a recipe for the spicy peanut sandwich from the QS? i have dreams about it and i miss it a lot.

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