day three

(Click here for an explanation of the project.)

Here’s what we ate for $4.86 yesterday, January 4, 2011.


pumpkin & caramelized banana baked oatmeal again, that’s the last of it! $0.37


seitan mole chili $1.30
2 large organic carrots, $0.19


faux Philly cheesesteaks on poppyseed kaiser rolls $2.19

giant serving of coleslaw $0.33


banana $0.25
hard boiled egg $0.17
leftover coffee with ¼ cup almond milk $0.06

Can we just say that night 3 was rough? This was one of those nights when we definitely would have gotten take-out if we could have. We were both running on sleep deficits and I’m pretty sure we’re all going through a little sugar withdrawal from switching over from holiday eating to very little extra sugar in our diets. We may just have to find room for dessert in the budget before the week is out.

I asked Levi his thoughts after eating on the cheap for 3 days. Did he feel deprived? He laughed at the idea. We have been eating pretty damn good for $5/person/day. So far.

And here is a visual of his reaction to our faux cheesesteak dinner:

Let’s see if this is any good.

Ohhhh yeah, that’s good.


– We are all sad to see that amazing pumpkin oatmeal run out, but we came up with our own baked oatmeal recipe to share with you tomorrow.
– I realized we are generally pretty good about making enough food for 6 people for dinner and saving it for lunch.
– The faux Philly cheesesteaks were inspired by one of our other scores from our trip to Grocery Outlet:

Yves brand fake deli slices are probably the only fake meat product we buy on a regular basis because they make really easy sandwiches to send in school lunches. We’d never tried this fake beef, and while they weren’t all that great on their own the dinner was a huge hit. The cost breaks down to 80 cents for four slices of that, kaiser rolls from the Fred Meyer bakery at 3 for a dollar, 2 ounces of discounted smoked cheese for 62 cents, and 18 cents worth of onion and 26 worth of green bell pepper on each sandwich. We planned on using red bell pepper but couldn’t afford it. We did not miss the red bell pepper.

Look at us, really pushing the limit of our budget. I hope to hit exactly $5 before the month is out.


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2 responses to “day three

  1. doesn’t look like you’ve been deprived at all!

  2. Reblogged this on supplementspot and commented:
    Need to eat on the cheap? You are you just interested in challenging yourself. Check out day 3 or a 30 day $5 per person per day series. We at Supplement Spot probably wouldn’t be able to do the 30 days, but let us know if you try it out!

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