day one

(Click here for an explanation of the project.)

Here’s what we ate for $4.13 yesterday, January 2, 2011.


pumpkin & caramelized banana baked oatmeal $0.37

egg salad on leftover sprouted bread $0.47
2 large organic carrots $0.19
Fage Greek 2% yogurt $0.62 (half-off dairy markdowns)


shahi paneer over a cup of brown rice $1.56
1 cup peas (frozen) $0.21

organic cameo apple $0.40
banana $0.25
handful of leftover pretzels (freebie)
leftover coffee with ¼ cup almond milk $0.06

Notes and things:

– Here’s the link to the oatmeal recipe again in case you missed it above. We doubled the recipe and baked it in a 9X13″ pan, cutting it into 9 servings instead of 8. They are still plenty big!
– The baked oatmeal was extra cheap for us since we had pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, and dates as freebies in our cupboard. We bought almonds for half the nuts/seeds since they were the cheapest nuts. If we didn’t have those ingredients on hand I’d probably halve the nuts and buy bulk raisins.
– Bulk oatmeal works out to under 20 cents a cup (dry)
– We have two favorite store bought brands of bread. Dave’s Killer Bread and Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery. Awhile back we stocked up on those two brands on sale plus big coupons we got at Veg Fest, but we’ll be using up our last loaf this week. Maybe we’ll bake some bread after that? At $4-$5 a loaf we will need cheaper options.
– Since the bread was a freebie the cost for the egg salad sandwich was mainly $0.34 for two eggs and $0.13 for a couple green onions. It was jazzed up with home grown chives (that are not producing so well now that it is winter), homemade pickles, smoked paprika, and a little mayo and spicy brown mustard we already had. Again, if we have to replace something like mayo we will include it in our cost but for now it’s not reflected.
– We’ve been buying local, free range eggs from our Co-op for $1.98/dozen. Organic eggs would be way more expensive. Sometimes we splurge for organic, but our hope is to get chickens this year and feed them organic.
– I scored half gallons of almond milk from Grocery Outlet for $1.99, so it works out to 25 cents a cup.
– We’re pretty sure our organic cameo apples got rung up as not organic somehow, because we had calculated a much higher price of $0.75 per apple and therefore only bought 3. It is going to be hard to get much organic at $5 a day.
– If you know us, you probably know we are obsessed with that shahi paneer. We already had onion, ginger, and garlic, so the cost per serving would go up a tad without those. We actually intended for this to be our final meal before we started the project. It surprised me the ingredients were so cheap. The recipe makes 5 cups, which we split into 6 servings.

There is nothing quite like the smell of paneer frying in your kitchen. The only place we can find paneer in town is the co-op, and we are probably getting an awesome deal on it at $5.01 for just over 14 ounces.

– Our modifications to the Show Me the Curry Shahi Paneer recipe are to use ghee in place of oil to fry the onions and a can of light coconut milk (99 cents at Trader Joe’s) in place of the milk while reducing the water by 1/4 cup. We just don’t usually keep dairy milk in our fridge, and I thought the recipe could eventually be attempted vegan if we were willing to give up the paneer and use cheaper and lighter tofu or tempeh. The gravy is rich with intense flavor, so I think the vegan version would be pretty awesome.


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4 responses to “day one

  1. del

    I love this! Awesome idea. I’m going to make that oatmeal tonight.

    • jess s

      I hope you love it like we do. I highly recommend eating it warmed (in the microwave or whatever) with a little milk or cream poured on top. (just a little milk, not like cereal!)

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