It’s almost 010111

We spent the last day of 2010 in just about complete bliss. Half the day we were cozy in bed finishing off our books (Just Kids by Patti Smith for Jess and The Hunger Games for Krista). By some New Year’s miracle all four of our animals joined us in bed for a good chunk of that time. Then Levi cooked us a fancy dinner (with help) and did the dishes (without help).

I feel like 2010 was possibly one of the best years yet. It was just so much fun. Somehow I don’t feel very resolution-y, but we do have a project already planned for January of 2011. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, here’s some photos from 2010:

Where I did a lot of cooking in 2010.

Levi drinking out of the elementary school drinking fountain at a bee club meeting. He’s since grown another foot.

Oly pie!

I managed to build some things for the yard.

The neighbor cat used to spend a lot of time in our yard. Now our cat Jimmy Rabies does instead.

Seeds, seeds, and more seeds.

Clementine tried and failed to commit suicide by chocolate.

Our plant starting indoor skills improved greatly. Too bad the outdoor weather didn’t cooperate so much.


Christopher Walken on Broadway.

Jess got her bees! And we helped.

Our bees swarmed. And we caught them.

Goodbye middle school.


We celebrated 2 years married by driving up the Oregon coast.

Longbeach, WA

Astoria, OR

Some of our favorite people got married. Jess even officiated one of the ceremonies.

We learned how to preserve food.

We started having weekly food and friend dinners and I got better at poaching eggs.

Pumpkin beer fest.

Levi started high school. It came with a shorter, more adult hair style and army boots.

We saw a lot of these guys.

Teen dad 2010.

Perhaps 2011 can be the year I learn to edit, which will be prudent since I hope to take more, better photos.

Happy New Year, y’all.

xo Krista



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8 responses to “It’s almost 010111

  1. Your Mother (-in-law)

    Ugh, god, guys. I look OK in that photo but my boob still looks WEIRD.

    However, I am so happy to know you for another year. xooxoxoxooox

  2. I absolutely adore that first photo of Cash and the cat. It should be a poster sold to dog and cat people everywhere.

    • misterkrista

      I do love that photo, too. It was the blog header for a good while. Cash kisses that cat, Elsa, all the time. The other cat doesn’t let him get close enough for it. I can’t say that I blame him.

  3. Ellen

    This post is just absolutely freakin awesome, and I don’t say that only bc my spawn is in it. Happy 2011!

    • misterkrista

      I love that photo of Caleb. He is exuding pure joy! And the animal (llama?) has crazy overgrown hair that cracks me up.

  4. Jeni

    Reading this just makes me wish even harder that we were neighbs. Oh well, at least PDX and Oly are only a few hours apart. Let’s make sure that in 2011 we hang out more. xoxoxo to you and your amazing adorable family.

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