With Bells On

We’re celebrating early because Krista is working tomorrow. It’s our second Christmas in our house! Our holiday theme this year is dinosaurs. We spent a lot of time with an origami dino book from the library, and scoured the thrift stores for dino figures to drill holes in. It turns out I do *not* have a talent for origami dinosaurs, but Levi is quite good at it. I found a t-rex puzzle at Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe in Seattle & gave it to Krista. She assembled it, then made an origami scarf to keep his fossilized neck warm.

We made new stockings for everyone in the family this year. I sewed the stockings. Krista is the decorator & stylist. I love them.

We use cloth gift wrap for all gifting occasions in our house, but for some reason I got obsessed with brown kraft paper this year and bought a roll. Krista is an amazing wrap artist and it was excellent to see what her creative imagination produced. All discarded material in the house is eligible for re-purposing in wrapping.

We totally spoiled each other, reflected on how fortunate we are to be together and have everything we have. Krista & I slow-danced to the Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers Christmas album, Once Upon a Christmas. The dogs dragged bones out of their stockings, Levi dragged chocolate out of his stocking, the cats dragged the catnip out of their stocking. Actually, it’s too generous to describe the cats’ behavior as “participating” in the stocking un-stuffing, but they enjoy the ‘nip.

It’s always nice to have a day off for food, family & gift-giving, don’t get me wrong, but this is an extra good Christmas. My heart is so happy & full. And as icing on the enormous cake of luck and good fortunate, here’s Levi’s epic official Christmas portrait. Happy Holidays from the Whig Party!


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