Think it over

Did you ever have to carry around an egg or a sack of flour when you were in school, to teach you about the responsibilities of having a baby? Not sure if that ever deterred anyone from being a teen parent, but the times have changed. Nowadays, kids care for robot babies (“Baby Think It Over“) to encourage them to think about their decisions and the consequences. Thus, Levi brought home Levi Jr.

At first, Levi was filled with delight. He was excited about the project, and discussed what he would name the baby, and what gender he would get. He told us that he did not want to go out to a restaurant because he would be embarrassed if his robot baby cried in public. So, we stayed in. Levi Jr. slept for about 2 hours, and then the fun began. Levi, Sr. did a good job trying to keep up with the baby’s extensive feeding schedule, obscure demands, and shrill wailing, but the sleep deprivation and frustration were evident in the morning. He was quite surprised to learn that babies eat for more than three minutes at a time. By the end of the project, he was convinced that he should wait a long, long, long, long time before taking on the responsibility of a real human baby. We might never be grandparents thanks to this project. Just one more way we are different from Sarah Palin!

Our friend, Lisa, lent Levi a sling so he could practice babywearing with Levi Jr. The plastic baby didn’t squish up like a real baby, but the effect was still pretty hilarious.



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5 responses to “Think it over

  1. Oh man, I’m glad I never had that assignment. That baby probably would have been left at home or thrown against a wall.

    And I’m STILL not ready for children…

    • jess s

      It’s a huge percentage of his grade for this class, so the incentive was definitely there to do a good job. Also, only girls have gotten the “perfect parent” grade so far, so he wanted to be the first boy to do it. We don’t know yet if he succeeded in that regard.

      He did call it a few nasty names, but otherwise he performed beyond my expectations!

  2. Hillary

    Ohmigod, Kyle and I saw a girl with one of those when we were out at a restaurant, and totally thought it was a real baby at first. I totally judged the girl because the “baby” was underdressed for the weather.

    • jess s

      That is funny. Did the baby cry while you were there? Levi told us that people mistake them for real babies all the time, and he was pretty sure no one would believe he was actually the parent to a baby. I think that’s why he didn’t want to go out in public — but it’s pretty realistic. What 14-year-old dad has money for restaurant food?

      • Hillary

        I can’t remember if it cried, but I do remember she had to feed it. It appeared that she was out with her boyfriend and his parents and they all looked really embarrassed. Have to say, I can’t blame Levi for wanting to keep his parenting at home to avoid rubberneckers like me!

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