<5 mile breakfast

Due to the schedules and commitments of work and school and social lives, we rarely have lazy weekend mornings to lounge around and enjoy each other’s company. This past weekend, however, we shared a beautiful Saturday morning with no obligations. So we made a special breakfast.

Oh yes, from the surface this looks like it could be any ordinary savory vegetarian frittata.

But this fritatta is special. The eggs came from a friend’s chickens a few miles from our house. Several of the eggs had blue/green shells, like easter eggs. The feta was leftover from a delicious dinner party we had with some good friends. The leeks and potatoes grew in our yard!! The leeks are giant musselman leeks, which Levi harvested right before the cooking began. The potatoes are organic, heirloom fingerling potatoes that I grew in our potato stacks. I’m not sure what it is that makes homegrown potatoes taste so good, but these are exquisite. When we roasted them, they were sweet and creamy with beautiful delicious skin. I love the fall harvest season, when all the vegetables rest on their laurels and wait for you to eat them. There’s none of the desperate rushing to shove the first greens in your mouth before they wilt or get eaten by slugs(spring) or eat all the tomatoes before they get overripe or eaten by birds (summer).

Really, we need to get a dairy goat so we can make our own feta, and we need to figure out how to grow peppercorns in the pacific northwest. Krista says I can get a dairy goat just as soon as I fence the front yard and build them a goat structure. I think she wants them to have a little tower like the goats at our local cider mill. I’m a pretty terrible carpenter, so it might take me a while. I’m really interested because I heard goats eat ivy & blackberries. I could use some help beating back those invaders!

I love goats and their crazy eyes. I have got to take a fence building class or something!



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3 responses to “<5 mile breakfast

  1. I sure don’t envy you the task of fighting back ivy and blackberries. I can understand why the goats would appeal to you as a way to help with the task.

  2. The goat tower is hilarious, and your fritatta looks delicious. I’ve been thinking about planting potatoes, and this might be the last push I need. (Hi there, newly just found your blog.)

    • jess s

      Welcome! Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!

      Potatoes are one of the greatest crops I’ve grown! I recommend them to everyone (but of course I know they grow better some places than others…) Those goats are crazy, but their people might be crazier.

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