Krista had a birthday. She had a long “weekend” (never actually on a weekend) so I took a few days off work and we celebrated for days and days. I think we had birthday cake/dessert three times – root beer bundt cake, dessert with some dear friends at the Bearded Lady, huckleberry cupcakes from Cupcake Royale, and cupcakes from Jubilee. Oh actually, that is four ! Good thing we had a lot of help eating it. Unfortunately I don’t have photos of every dessert, but I know you depend on me for your sugar porn, so here’s a couple shots from Jubilee.

Peanut Butter & Jelly – stuffed with jelly

Salted Caramel – stuffed with more caramel.

We had birthday breakfast at a fancy eatery that serves local, organic food. Their motto is “eat like you give a damn.” I admit, I was a little concerned that it would be hippie food (hey, a lot of local, organic food around here is hippie food, okay?) But this was no hippie establishment.

Lemon Curd French Toast (with fresh blueberries)

Some kind of chipotle cumin salmonella-free migas dish.

We went antique-ing in a town we never go to. Krista had a shopping spree at the original Sur La Table @ Pike Place Market. We ate Krista’s favorite pasta for dinner, which is becoming an annual tradition. It’s a little weird that she likes to make her own dinner on her birthday, but the pasta is so delicious I can’t complain. Now my darling wife’s next year has begun in a proper celebratory fashion, and the days of celebration distracted me from the horrific reality that fall is here and summer never actually happened.


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  1. my god, that french toast.
    it’s all pornoriffic, but that french toast especially.
    also, happy birthday to your wife whom I have never met in person but who I feel I kinda know.

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