True Love

A few weeks ago, I was rambling on and on about the perfection of banana pudding. I admit that in the past I have been less enthusiastic about this dessert because of some daycare-era food trauma. As an adult, I have overcome childhood traumas and re-discovered this delicious dessert as the magical wonderland it really is — creamy layers of pudding folding into sweet banana bites with perfectly moistened nilla wafers to anchor it all. We ate Magnolia Bakery‘s famous banana pudding in Midtown when we visited NYC back in April. It was a vision of perfection, like I dreamed a dream of banana pudding and it came true. I anxiously looked up the recipe, only to discover that it is actually made with instant pudding. I felt like we’d been duped. Since then, I’ve occasionally brought up the subject with mild fascination but without any real urgency. Krista took the hint and borrowed Maya Angelou’s “Man-Winning” banana pudding recipe from Oprah Magazine. It’s baked, then chilled, and made not only with real pudding, but also meringue in lieu of a whipped cream topping. Of course, Levi helped, and even learned some new egg preparation skills (making real pudding, whipping meringue). (Recipe Here) She surprised me with it when I came home from work earlier this week. I can’t say it enough — having a wife really is the best.

There’s no way to make a serving of banana pudding look beautiful exactly, but what this recipe lacks in presentation it makes up for in good taste.

I ate the leftovers for breakfast. I am the world’s most spoiled person.



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3 responses to “True Love

  1. My oldest son’s eyes light up when he sees banana or vanilla pudding presented like this as a dessert.

    I don’t blame you for devouring the leftovers.

    • jess s

      Your oldest son has excellent taste. He would probably greatly appreciate Maya’s recipe!

      Plus, leftover pudding for breakfast. There’s nothing bad about that.

  2. That is the most beautifully caramelized meringue I have ever seen…

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