Silence on the line

It’s been awfully quiet around this blog lately. I was in New York for a week for work. I brought you this photo of the beautiful midwest from 38,000 feet.

I love the marvel at the grid of roads that block out the section lines that make up the very middle of our nation’s bread bowl. I wish I could see a herd of buffalo thundering across the Great Plains, but I settle for the grid. It’s quite a contrast to Washington from 38,000 feet. Our home state looks like this:

The best thing about visiting New York for my job is the intense contrast of experiences. You have the Scouting world, with hiking and frogs and bats and even a woodchuck.

And then, with just a train ticket, you can be in the middle of NYC. I visited Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Plaza, Times Square, the Hotel Algonquin.

The constellations on the ceiling of Grand Central Station:

Times Square at midnight:

The Hotel Algonquin. Dorothy “A little bad taste is like a nice dash of paprika” Parker used to hang out here.

I managed to find time for a delicious lunch in Brooklyn at Luscious, an iced latte at Gorilla, a peek into LuLu’s toy store & hair salon for kids, and a quick visit to a community garden with some dear friends & their daughter.

This picture is a few months old, but I didn’t take any photos of her this time. Her outfit was very stylish, though, so I regret the missed opportunity.

Although it would have been nice to have an extra day or two on the East Coast, I couldn’t bear to stay away much longer. I miss my family too much when we’re apart. While I was gone, Krista tackled some projects around the house that amazed me. More on that, soon. Thanks for reading, even though we haven’t been updating much.




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2 responses to “Silence on the line

  1. those photos from the plane are amazing. the midwest picture is so surreal.

    • jess s

      Admit it: the midwest in general is surreal! I was mesmerized by how the clouds were in rows, lining up over the section lines and fields. It was amazing.

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