Here’s a photo of our first tomato on July 28 2009.

You can see we’re a bit behind schedule this year. Our first tomato on July 30, 2010.

But at least tomatoes are happening, sort of. As a food gardener, I have been filled with despair this year. My ground cherries got fried by the sun. My beautiful organic broccoli bolted in the heat while we were on vacation. My french breakfast radishes got eaten almost entirely by root maggots. My strawberries have been pecked by birds. The cilantro bolted before it even got bushy. Please note: I have not even mentioned the weather, the relentless rain and cold gray days that lasted into July or the legions of immortal slugs. We’ve been ultra-busy with the house, our jobs, and our other projects. I have yet to work out an irrigation system that I love.

But this small, green tomato tells me that, weeks behind schedule, the garden is still happening. My tomato jungle has resisted chilly nights, the neighborhood deer, slugs, aphids, and every other disaster. If we eat a single tomato this year, it will be a sweet, sweet victory.



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3 responses to “Tomatoes

  1. It’s a beauty! Do you know the kids’ story, First Tomato Soup?

  2. Hillary

    It does sound like it’s been a rough summer for you all (weather wise, I mean.) We have a lot of tomatoes, but they’re still green. I want to eat the hell out of them, and am jealous looking at your tomato and carrot from last year, loving on each other.

  3. I’ve picked a couple of our large tomatoes this year, but the rest look like your photo.

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