1980s alter ego

Bee Sting Count Update

Jess: 4
Clementine: 4 (that we know of)
Levi: 1
Cash: 1
Krista: 0

During a routine hive inspection, I got a literal bee in my bonnet. Something has to be wrong with my veil, because that’s not the first time this has happened. However, it was the first time I got stung on the face. Afterwards, I looked like this.

My eye was so swollen, I couldn’t see well enough to drive for more than 24 hours. My vanity prevented us from taking a photo of the carnage, so the toxic avenger will have to do. And before you ask, yes, that kind of response is normal if you get stung on the face. Don’t get stung on the face. If you do, it’s best to have a chaperone to drive you around, and lots of ice packs.

This blog post was brought to you by Benadryl, of which I have consumed large quantities of in the past few days. Just be glad I didn’t prank call you.



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2 responses to “1980s alter ego

  1. Emma

    we just watched that movie again last week and I promise you couldn’t possibly have looked like him, he started out so fug. And I am sorry about your sting.

  2. apriljosephine

    best movie!

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