my favorite wedge issue

This was the first day we met. We ate organic lollipops. I took this photo with my cell phone.

We ran away to British Columbia and eloped, and we promised (among many other things) to see/share the world together.

We merged households via the most epic, extraordinary roadtrip/honeymoon. It included the Grand Canyon, the painted desert, a sunset over New Mexico, a visit to Dollywood, the largest Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum in the world, a historic mental institution, many beautiful bridges, the dinosaurs featured in PeeWee’s Big Adventure, redwood forests, Oregon sand dunes, and the feedlots of California.

Since then, we have gotten married another time (thumbing our noses at Prop H8), built a garden, bought a house, built another garden, survived being middle school parents, and had a lot of hilarious, delicious, wonderful escapades.

For our anniversary, I did a little math. We have driven 6,591 miles on road trips together, which does not include any trips we make regularly, like Portland, Seattle, and Tacoma, or any airplane miles. We have visited 14 states, and traveled to Canada (which counts as international travel because it requires a passport!). We are writing our own song of the open road. That’s not bad for two years with full-time jobs!

During our honeymoon, we drove from San Francisco, CA to Florence, OR on U.S. Route 101. The beauty of 101 along the Oregon coast is humbling and amazing. For our second anniversary, we drove the northern part of Oregon’s 101, and across the Astoria-Megler Bridge to visit Long Beach, WA. It was an excellent road trip, and the perfect way to spend our anniversary – small towns, fancy hotels, weird tourist stuff, and plenty of beach. We have stories & pictures galore to share.

(this photo was taken at Cape Meares, which is a magical place full of extraordinary things, including tufted puffins and a tree shaped like an octopus)

Some day, I would like to drive the rest of US 101. Driving the Washington portion of 101 would include a visit to Forks, hometown of the fictional Bella Swan! I’m not sure about the southern California part of 101, though. Isn’t it, like, really hot there? (please note: we are wearing hoodies in mid-july in that photo) I appreciate historic highway routes, and the stories they hold. We have traveled parts of Route 66 & the Lincoln Highway too, but 101 is the most convenient. Our town is the northern terminus of the route.

Life has been a wonderful journey since we joined ourselves in marriage. Our plan is to keep doing our part to keep the divorce rate down, and have some more excellent adventures.



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2 responses to “my favorite wedge issue

  1. Janna

    Congratulations to the both of you! I wish you a lifetime together of travel, gardens, bees and good food.

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