sting count

It’s hive inspection day here on the farm. Two hives to inspect, and we have some stings to report. I had a feeling somebody would get stung today, and I was right. Here is the tally of all the stings since we got our bees:

Jess: 3
Clementine: 2 (that we know of)
Levi: 1
Cash: 1
Krista: 0

Both of my boys were stung today.

First Cash. He’s always following us, no matter where we go. I snapped this while he was hovering. And all of a sudden he started running around our big yard in circles, shaking his head vigorously. Try to imagine the sound of Italian Greyhound ears flapping wildly. It was quite a feat to even catch him. I had to hand off the camera to Levi so I could pin him down and get the bee off of him. I was kind of surprised to find the stinger, because this is the loudest dog on earth and all he could muster was a tiny whimper. He has no swelling or redness whatsoever. Go figure.

While I was tending to Cash, Levi snapped a lot of great pictures of the queen. They found her in the new hive!

Levi and I didn’t get to watch too much of the inspection of the older hive because before too long a bee suddenly flew into Levi’s face. He didn’t say much either. I heard him blowing on his face and saw him hunched over, and quickly jumped into action when I saw a bee crawling up his nose. It was too late, though, it left a stinger behind in his lip.

He’s got a nice, fat lip. I’m pretty sure based on the amount of swelling that he is most definitely NOT allergic to bee stings. Now to purchase those veils. To our credit, we tried to buy them locally this past week and they were all out.



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4 responses to “sting count

  1. Poor Levi! I’m surprised the dogs even react, though. Our dog Boston persistently eats every bee or wasp or insect of any kind that she sees. Often, on camping trips when the smell of our cooking attracts them, she’ll eat 10 or 20 yellow jackets in the space of half an hour. We have to assume they must sting her, but she doesn’t react and it sure doesn’t stop her from continuing to eat them.

    • misterkrista

      That sounds so painful, but I have known dogs to eat yellow jackets before. These dogs are so tiny. Cash is our biggest dog and weighs 15 lbs. But somehow that bee sting seemed to annoy him more than hurt him and he sure didn’t have any swelling. The Chihuahua was quite the opposite. Go figure.

  2. SO HAPPY to hear that the queen is in the new hive!
    and I’m assuming there must be some sort of queen action in the old hive, too right?
    Bee up the nose has got to be one of the scariest things I can imagine. Levi is very brave. Glad everyone is ok!

    • misterkrista

      We’re not quite sure what is going on with the queens in the old hive. We saw some evidence some may have hatched. I think Jess will write about that soon.

      I really don’t want a bee to even touch my face, so I’m starting to think of a DIY bee veil that will be camera friendly.

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